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Cores Type “UNICORE”'

These cores are made on grain oriented silicon steel destinated to mono and three phases electrical transformers.

The UNICORE technology is very flexible and does not require any fixed tooling, such as various jigs or mandrels, to make the customer’s request cores, with strong reduction of production costs. Used for the power transformers, the UNICORES have lower losses (about 30%) than cut cores or E&I laminations types by saving energy and dimensions DUO3 core reduction.

The range of the UNICORE for power transformers, extend from 1000 VA until to 500 KVA. UNICORE are largely used for power and mesure transformers using any grade of Grain Oriented Silicon Steel and can be produced in different thickness (0,23 to 0,35 mm) and strips widths (20 to 300 mm).

UNICORE can be produced with 30° - 45° or 90° corners, depending on applications. DUO and DG cores may be produced, on customer request, in 1-2-3 steps with different mounting time. UNICORE can weight up to 1000 kg or more. Window sizes, build up, strips width and thickness, corners angles and type of UNICORE have to be specified.
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