Power core C and H grain oriented electrical steel

  Because of the wide usage of oriented grain silicon iron for our production of "C" type and toroidal cores, we have always available in our warehouse a large quantity of M127-23S - M140-27S - M150-30S  coils, cut on the range of widths from 10 to 300 mm. We are therefore in a position to supply to customers any quantity of strips, with the magnetic performance of G.O.S.I. When our customers require the supply of entire coils, our company is in condition to satisfy the different types of material from the MOH23  till M150-30S.

Our company is able to supply C.R.G.O. laminations, to customer's design, in these following forms: grani orientati tagliata su disegno del cliente
- Squares.
- Strips with holes or not.
- Sheets.

The mill line include a complete choise of grain oriented electrical steel, ranging from conventional type 0,30 mm to ultra-thin highly permeable 0.23 mm Power Core H, wich offers ultimate energy savings following domains refinement. Using this kind of steel, manufactured by Thyssenkrupp Steel, the quality of our "C" and toroidal cores is guaranted on respect of the NORMA EN 10107 - IEC 60404 - ASTM A876.
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